Untitled, too dissapointed to give a tittle..

Dear tears,

Don't stop,

Just flow,
Even he, she, they, or whoever out there don't know,
The reason that make me so mellow,

Bring this pain go away,
So my heart doesn't need to pay,
With fake smile,
pretend there's nothing happen, with all of they say..

Pretend that i'm beloved,
Pretend that they care to me,
Pretend that he needs me,
Pretend that she love me..
Pretend that i'm okay..

Cz I know they just care my ability, they will punch me when i'm not useful anymore..

I know, he just need my kindness, which can he get from the other..

And I know,,she just love me because I can do good things for her,

And for a stupid moron girls like me,
I know now,
I'm not okay,
Not fine…

And after read this, maybe you change your perception about me,

Not ok with me,

And it's ok,

To know that we finally found,
That's we are not ok each other anymore…

That's better, much better,

Can we imagine how dissapointed me, if I know it too late …?

And even my eyes will get swollen because too many tears running down on my cheeks…

Let the tears flow now,,
Give it chance to explain what I can't explain with words..
Give it chance to swipe all of this miserable things…


Published by ayudevistory

Happy girl in a Happy world

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