Hikariya, place for eat Udon and Okonomiyaki

Last Saturday i had a plan to meet my BFF,
Yes, i feel so grateful that day, because i can do anything else except watch a korean drama alone in my room for weekend :p

We planned to go to my friend friend’s cafe,  the name of that cafe is ‘Hikariya’. It’s a kind of japanese food and It’s a home-based bussiness. And they serve Udon and Okonomiyaki.

I know there’s so many place that sells Udon and okonomiyaki at Jakarta, but this place is a good destination for alternate if you feel bored going to malls, especially in east jakarta, because Hikariya is located at Duren Sawit..

Em.. When i just arrived at Hikariya, i like the art in the wall, it’s like a large maps, and it makes me feels like i am a little adventurer, and walking so far away just to find a food, so, i grab the menu and feel a little bit confused, because it show many Udon menu and look so delicious at all..

i choose tenhayashi ( cold udon with tempura and seaweed ), and a beef okonomiyaki, ( yeah, you know, i like eating! A lot… Especially in cloudly and rainy day like this… :p )
my friends choose niku udon and tempura udon and two shrimp okonomiyaki, oh, and four glass of ocha for all.

Fyi, all food in Hikariya is very-cost-affordable,
and… you can refill your ocha there…
So don’t need to worry if you feel thirsty…

Em… Ok, i know all of you must be feel a little curious to this place, so i give this pic to eliminate your curiousity.. :p


Well, over All, i loved this place, they serve us in good way, fast, clean, and this is a kind of place that you can talk with your friend without worried about time..

I hope i can go there again for the next time. 🙂

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