WordPress Challenge Day 3 : A Book You Love


Too much book that i loved,
I love Alchemist nya Paulo Coelho..
I love Rembulan Tenggelam di Wajahmu karya Tere Liye..
I love Supernova nya mbak Dee…

But suddenly i remember, there’s a book that i usually read until now…

Dulu saya baca ‘Buku’ ini karena kewajiban, entah atas dasar permintaan orangtua, atau Guru.

But now, i read this lovely book because i find the peace and tranquility of the soul while i reading it..

I know, i know, it sound a bit weird for you,

But that’s how i feel when i read this special book..
I don’t know why, but everytime i feel angry, dissapointed, hurt, worried, restless, or even shame…
I read this book to make me feel better..
Somehow It makes me forget for a while about dunya, and suddenly have strongly hope that everything will be okay..
Everything will be Alright…
Like a mantra which resonates in my mind..
“This too shall pass..this too shall pass.. This too shall pass…”
Like i always believe to Allah’s promise…
“…Dan Dia tidak akan memberi cobaan melebihi  batas kemampuan hambaNya…”

That special book i loved for now…
( and i hope i can loved it forever…aamiin..)

Do you know, that special book’s name?
I guess you know if you are moslem…
It contains a collection of love letter from Allah swt..

Yes.. That’s special book…
Al – Qur’an…( ^∇^)

Well, I hope you like to read this special book too.
Anw, Do you still remember, When was the last time you touch and read it?


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Happy girl in a Happy world

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