10th July, 27 Years Ago

Dear You,

27 years ago, i bet you didn’t know anything about this world,

You just a new baby born who only need to cry and everything will prepared for you.. You even didn’t know when your parent put a Metallica Shirt on your lil body and took a photo because you look so cute there..

As you grow up, and become a little kid,
You only need to put your finger on a toys that you wanted, and keep whinning when the adults didn’t buy it for you,
You have so many times to play in your neighborhood,,

Riding a bicycle, put a nail on a rail of commuter train just to made it flattered and pretend to use it as a sword with your friends, make a war of powder with your niece because both of you didn’t have age gap too much..

Every year you learn so many things for your self, skill to survive on this world,,,, yes,,, you learn so many things, sometimes you learn because it something that your parents want for your future, and sometimes you learn something that you wanted by yourself,,, for example : learn russian languange.

Every human growth up in many ways to improve their ability, and sometimes to reach a new ability, you must passed an exam.

In human life, exam is not just something question which must answered on the paper, the test of life can come without any precaution, but ready or not,, you must face it, because it will make you become an adult person..

Disappointed, betrayal, abandoned, emptiness, lonely, sad, anger, is many things that you feel when you can’t face the exam of life,
But look at you, you still alive now, you survive for 27 years and still counting… You face everything in this world that had given to you..

Survive for 27 years in a row is not easy, and you already know, there’s so many thing that will happen in the future.

But…there’s one secret that you must to know if you want to feel happy for the rest of your life, as long as you have your family, friends, your lover or whoever you loved and beloved in your life, even if you will life for thousand years.. you will always be fine when you have them in your life..

Happy birthday to you guardianhacker,,
Hope you always have a good time and happiness with your lovely-innercirclepeople in your life,,


Published by ayudevistory

Happy girl in a Happy world

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