The Power of Korean Drama “ψ(`∇´)ψ

****Two weeks ago****

Dad : “don’t watch kdramas too much, spent more time with your siblings and the neighborhood..”

Me : “But Dad, i just..well…Ok…” 😑:'(

Dad : “And Let me save your dvd player for a while…”😦


My Lil Sis : ” Aren’t you feel sleepy Dad?”

Dad : ” Not Yet,, this is so funny, look at Song Yi now, she looks so desperate for Do Min Joon… Ahahaha..”😮:o😅

Me : *whispering*…”are you sure he is our dad? Is he watching kdramas?”

My lil sis : “’s so unbelievable right?”


Me : “Is it The Alien power of do min joon… ”

My Lil Sis : ” no, it’s the power of korean drama :oops::oops:”

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Happy girl in a Happy world

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