Daily prompt challenge : Dear Mom

Tonight i opened an email from Daily Prompt, and suddenly reminded by that email.. that i didn’t write anything for months…

This is a topic that dailyprompt offered , usually i didn’t reply fast, but this topic,  “dear mom”,  make me want write something about my mom..

Hm.. what it will be, if i write a letter for Mom?

Well, actually, i feel a lil bit confused to imagine write a letter for Her, because She always there , She always be on my side, sometimes i feel burdened because She was so clingy to me..xP

Even when I’m work at the office, She will tell me what She doing at home, and sometimes it makes me unable to concentrate at work..

My Mom loves to have a conversation with Her daughters, in the morning,,, afternoon,,, even in the middle of night, she always have time to discuss something,

Sometimes i keep wondering,,, “didn’t she feel tired for talking too much in a long time? Didn’t Her throat dry?” But as long as she keep talking, talking, and talking,,, i feel relieve that’s the sign of her body which is it on the health state.. ( my mom is a silent person type when she get hurt and feel sick )

But nowadays, she is not in a good condition, i didn’t think for it too much before,
But as i keep remembering, she always get sick every one month before my birthday,
Like annual sickness-relapse. She has asthma.
That’s why i never have time to spent my birthday or prepare anything else with another person except my family, because mom was always sick on that day. Well, could you think about party celebration with your friend, when your mother is not in good condition? I guess you couldn’t.

So if today’s challenge is write a letter for my mom..
I just want to write for her to stay healthy.
Please, Just stay healthy on my birthday.





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