Oh My Ghostess : Final Episode

It’s Already finished…

Well, very very very satisfied with the actor, actress, even with the writer and the director. Emang y klo aktor ma aktris berbakat beda dari yg lain, bahkan alis, tangan, tone suara, tatapan mata bisa bikin feel buat keseluruhan drama.

Dan nggak kayak kdrama kebanyakan akhir-akhir ini yg kesannya keburu-buru harus diselesaikan karena udh mentok episodenya, trus keabisan ide dan ujung-ujungnya open ending. Every case on this drama prettily closed, very-very like it!

Na Bong Sun problem, Soon Ae’s death problem, Eun Hee – Choi’s problem…well done..

And a handsome guest actor on the last episode? You did good PDnim… You did good… Charandaaaaaa…😆😄

But now i’m confused, What must i watch after this?

Ah..Kim Tae Hee-Joo Woon in “Yong Pal”?;)

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