My Fav Ig Account : @tiesandfries & @taza

This guy is married with his bestfriend,
He loved his wife soooo much.
And after become a great daddy for three children ( Eleanor, Samson and the little Baby Conrad ) he still have soooo many ideas to pleasure his wife.
sometimes he do a romantic date, give a surprise, and spend quality time together with his wife like a couple usually do before married.

His wife, Naomi, is a great blogger and dancer,
This couple live at NYC and just stay at apartment, but they survive together and become strong together, eventough they’re not too rich, but their live full of joy and happiness.

I love this couple, and i bet you will love them too, bcz they will make you believe, even when world getting worse everyday, there’s still a marriage couple who have a good marriage in this world.

Fyi, you can look more pic of them on ig @tiesandfries and @taza
If you want to see his wife’s blog you can visit:


View on Path

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Happy girl in a Happy world

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