K Drama First Impression : Tomorrow With You

From the first time i saw this drama, i get the feeling that this drama will be a melodramatic-science-romance. A Fiction – sad drama like ‘Goblin’. It will play with your heart & emotion.

Well, if you ever seen ‘time traveler’s wife’ movie, the vibrant of this kdrama at the first episode is somehow give a tough and sad feeling like that.

Tomorrow With You

The Lead Role

Shin Min Ah as Bap Soon / Song Ma Rin .

If you have seen ‘Daegu Venus’, then you will know how this girl will act for her new role. Somehow i can feel that Min Ah still possessed by her past role on DV. But maybe it all because the character a little bit similar, or the drama was just started, isn’it ?

Lee Je Hoon as Yoo So Joon.

Actually i never watched his movie or his kdrama before. I was  searching about him, and  just realized that he get focus to act on a movie than a drama. TWY lead me to watch him.

The Chemistry

I saw their interview on Youtube before TWY aired. And honestly, i didn’t catch so many chemistry between them. But i refrain myself to dissapoint too early about this couple lead role. I think both of them will gradually show us their chemistry, because they were so professional. ( eventough, for me, the best drama partner for Shin Min Ah is  the one and only : So Ji Sub oppa )

The Line Story

Because the story is about Time Traveller.  We cannot predicted, how this drama will show on the next episode, or how it will be end. There’s too much option for the writer-nim to develop. And that’s why the writer must have many trick to made the viewer feel satisfied. Have many option for a drama sometimes made viewer feel bored too. Besides they will excited to guess what will happen on the next episode.

The Character

Hm… So Joon is a good husband, even he was so immature. Sometimes i feel frustrated when i look how slow his character as a man. But sometimes he can be Sooo Sweet Too.. i think he have his own charm with this character. Well, actually, because this is the first time i see LJH, i can’t compare his character on this drama with his character himself, or if this role compatible with his image or not. But for Shin Min Ah, this role was perfect for her. She is cute enough!

The OST.

Until today, the OST from this kdrama that i’ve like to listen is just one song. ^^,

The Kim Feel song’s : With You

Well, it’s about music tastes, i like to hear Kim Feel Voice ^^, v

The Style

For me, Shin Min Ah style on this drama was so unreachable for ordinary people. She looks so cute and beautiful in everything she wore. She fit with all of this kind clothes perfectly. How can she still looks fine when she wear polkadot blouse with that kind of suspender-long-denim-skirt ? Oh, i forget that. She is Daegu Venus and Gumiho Girl Right? Is She a Goddess? Yes, Indeed. ^^,

So, what are you waiting for ?

Watch this drama. Now … 

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