Hotel Del Luna : IU as Beautiful Badass Boss ft. Elite Cute Hotelier Jin Goo

Assalamualaikum chingudeul!

Welcome back to my initial review for this week : Hotel Del Luna.

For the first time, I made kdrama review in English and Indonesian, because I need to maintaining my English skill. Didn’t used it for a long time made me forget a lot of this things that I already learned. ( Dear brain, thanks for your hard work until today, but please don’t forget too soon for this matter, i still can’t going yet to London... )

So, ahem… back to my kdrama review. Where we shall begin?

Hm…. Let’s talk about IU first.

After her succesfull drama “My Ahjussi”, and Netflix’s short movie “Persona”, IU Choose this drama for her next project. All of us was so mesmerized by her acting on previous drama, but you know what? she is doing more on Hotel Del Luna!

Masya Allah tabarakallah, cantiknya luar biasahhhh

On First and second episode, she show her badass side as beautiful but ill-tempered boss of Hotel del Luna, the five star hotel for the death people. We all know how cute IU’s face when she smile and laughed, we all know too how she looked so shabby and poor in “My Ahjussi”, But the expression on her face, the way she walk, the fashion she used, totally give a new visualization on Hotel del Luna.

Yeoksi, uri IU (Lee Ji Eun) is a multitalented artis. She can made a song, she can sing, she can do Yoga, she can dance, she looks so cute even she didn’t do aegyo, and she is talented on act too! ( Dear God, thanks cause you made her existence on this world…. I’m blessed..)

And as we know that TvN always choose their lead actress/ actor wisely, IU’s character need another person as lead actor, and yesss! they choose Yeo Jin Goo as IU’s partner on this drama. Well, he looks so handsome, adorable, cute and weak in charming way that make he fit into this character.

ganteng-ganteng cemennn

Yeo Jin Goo as Goo Chan Sung is an elite hotelier who had MBA degree from Harvard, but he must work for Jang Man Wol ( IU / Lee Ji Eun ) because his father made a ‘special’ promise when he still so young.

Jadi Bapaknya itu kek suka mengambil barang yang bukan haknya, alias chow-peth, tapi alhamdulillah sudah keburu insyaf karena satu dan lain hal, sehinggggggaaaaa setelah mengalami pengalaman yang menakjubkan di Hotel Del Luna, Ayah Goo Chan Sung berjanji untuk hidup dengan baik dan benar. *ya biasanya klo udah deket-deket bau tanah emang orang baru nyadar akan ke hilafannya di dunia gitu yekannn….

Goo Chan Sung character has a pure and kind heart but too weak when he meet the ghosts. He decline to work for Man Wol at first, but his curiousity ( and maybe some lil love interest on his heart ) made him accept the offer.

For me, the story itself looks so interesting, i mean, where you can find a drama with horror-romance genre like this? With the glamorous hotel as a background, big moon, wandering ghosts, majestic power, mysterious vibe like ‘Harry Potter’ movie, or in short sentences, we can see a thrilling horror and a heartthrob romance in one drama. Well, just for your information, this script for Hotel de Luna was written by Hong Sister ( The Master Sun, Hwayugi ), and don’t forget that Oh Choong Wan as the PD. And note this yeorobun, we only can see this perfect collaboration between the writer, the PD, IU &Yeo Jin Goo through Hotel de Luna. You can’t find this on another place..

Hm… so, still wandering to find a good drama? Maybe you can try for a while to stay at Hotel del Luna… 😁

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